Our Entrepreneurial Spirit
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With a track record of leading a successful event management company, our team was approached by the Port of Seattle to provide insights into the key elements of an exceptional conference center. Our resolute answer, "it is all about the team and the guests," continues to be the cornerstone of our approach. As the conference center planning continued, Columbia Hospitality submitted a proposal to serve as the operator. When questioned by the Port about our suitability for the job, our response was simple yet compelling: while we may not have prior experience in this specific domain, our unparalleled understanding of the client's needs sets us apart. This conviction, along with our extensive global experience in organizing events, convinced the Port to award us the contract. Today, decades later, we proudly maintain that job.

What Does It Mean to Be Values-Based?

The success we bring to those around us doesn’t occur by happenstance. Our level of caring and sense of great hospitality is ingrained in our culture, and it starts with our deeply-rooted values:

Accountability | Creativity | Enthusiasm | Honesty | Inclusion | Respect

Our values are integral to every aspect of our business. By living them, we enhance people’s personal and professional experiences.

We also use our values to guide our decisions on who we work with, who we hire, and how to nurture strong connections in every relationship we form.

Pastry Chef


We have developed a culture with no top or bottom. Everyone (and we mean everyone) within our ever-growing team is tasked to think like an owner and a leader. They are empowered to anticipate needs, find solutions, build relationships and be their authentic selves. It’s what we call the OMG Service Spirit.

Own The Values

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Thoughts and insights on entrepreneurship and hospitality from Columbia Hospitality Founder and Chairman John Oppenheimer.


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