An Effective À La Carte Approach

One of the many reasons our solutions-oriented approach is so successful in the hospitality industry is our ability to offer solutions in an à la carte manner. Full management isn’t the right fit for everyone, so let’s find the right combination of services to effect the change you need.

We can offer many of these solutions as a long-term partner, short-term support system, or as your ongoing consultant-of-record, helping in specific areas - the ones you think need the most help as well as the ones we will help you uncover.

  • Food & Beverage

    Our food and beverage services provide everything you need from soup to nuts (to martinis). From helping you define a fresh and forward-thinking culinary concept to crafting the ambiance of every meal period, to efficient space planning, to tightening-up your labor models and streamlining your purchasing programs, our talented team will make an immediate impact in improving your operation.

    Local sourcing, sustainability and being good stewards of our environment are also important to us, so you can expect us to explore those opportunities, too.

    Fireside Room at Sage Lodge
  • Revenue & Distribution

    Our revenue management specialists offer analytics and performance data to help you predict your customers’ behaviors. The data they collect, and monitor is then utilized to make appropriate decisions regarding pricing and distribution strategies.

    The goal of revenue management is to have the right room for the right person at the right time and place. When we get this algorithm right, we will be more likely to maximize your revenue, and in turn, your profitability.

    Revenue Management
  • Reservations & Call Center

    Your guests should receive exceptional service in every single interaction they have with your property—including on the phone. Our Columbia Connections call center team has the expertise and relationships needed to manage your calls and help ensure that your guests’ experiences are delightful, down to the last detail.

    Columbia Connections will provide consistent results, frequent reporting, and a genuine connection to your brand so you can rest assured that your guests are in good hands.

    Call Center
  • Branding, Marketing & Communications

    It is one thing to build a great brand – it is another to give it life. Our frontline teams do that, but so, too, do the people behind the scenes.

    We can support your property with as little or as much marketing support as needed. Our in-house agency structure is designed to maximize revenue while distinguishing your brand with the utmost quality and creativity.

  • Sales

    Group sales can be a critical revenue stream and it’s often under-cultivated at many properties. That’s why we recruit, train and empower sales professionals who can effectively manage a sales funnel from prospecting through closing a sale, all while building a long-term relationship.

  • Business Analytics

    When we are brought in to survey and analyze an existing location, we provide due diligence, and in-depth business analytics. This way we can process and examine historical business data, identify trends, patterns, and root causes. Making data-driven business decisions based on these insights relieves any guesses and assumptions, allowing new possibilities to be based on hard data. This hard data provides us a baseline from which to see our shared successes, tracking changes, growth and breakthroughs.

  • Accounting & Finance

    Strong accounting and finance practices are critical to any successful business. Our team goes above and beyond, with the immense list of services we offer our owner/partners – because your success is quite literally our success.

    Our senior accounting team provides guidance and support including consulting, advising, coaching, counseling, and mentoring.

    Financial Performance
  • Human Resources

    We believe that the heart of any successful organization is the people. At the end of the day, they can be your most powerful brand differentiator. Because of this, we provide support and a selection of services to keep our team members continually growing and learning, fueling their ability to show up every day and create exceptional experiences.

  • Design & Project Management

    Creating a connection between a person and a place is a critical element in delivering an exceptional and memorable experience. We approach interior design and project management with this in mind, then we apply our decades of experience in operating properties to ensure the design is the perfect balance of form and function, so that it is as operationally efficient as it is aesthetically captivating.

  • IT Services

    We don’t need to tell you how critical IT support and maintenance is to a property’s success. Our team of IT experts can consult, build, and maintain best-in-class services including complete software and hardware systems for optimal property management.

    We have a depth of knowledge like few others in our industry; developing cost efficient and effective solutions, each developed around the uniqueness of each and every property. This way of working offers greater integrations through standardization and customization. And due to our size, we can leverage our buying power, leading to greater economies of scale, often leading to a reduction in ongoing IT costs.

    IT Support
  • Spa & Wellness

    Creating a space that’s all about tranquility and relaxation takes a surprising amount of experience and knowledge around space planning, interior design and treatment offerings to make it a zen operation. And to do it profitably is even more important. Our depth of experience in spa development and management will help you avoid pitfalls and maximize your spa space for optimal performance and customer enjoyment.

    Ladies at the spa
  • Investment & Development

    Trying to determine if a property opportunity is a sound investment? Let us help. We’ll conduct the pragmatic analysis necessary to determine if the investment opportunity will provide returns in years to come. And if so, we can help you navigate every subsequent step until you open your doors and beyond.

    Investment inquiries may be sent to James Oppenheimer at [email protected].

    Sage Lodge Construction with Emigrant Peak Background
  • Asset Management

    Asset Management arrangements can provide peace of mind to ownership. They can also improve RevPAR and market penetration, increase property valuation, enhance guest service, and improve team member retention. Columbia Hospitality has experience working with both private and public ownerships, as well as branded and independent operations.

    Columbia Hospitality’s role is to ensure that ownership’s objectives and goals receive priority. To achieve this, we act as the owner’s agent, working directly with the management company or onsite team to provide oversight on all facets of property operation.

    Hotel Interurban Exterior
  • Executive Search

    We understand that talent is your number one asset, but finding the right innovator for your company is no easy feat. That’s where we come in. With decades of hospitality experience, trusted partnerships and relationships throughout the industry, we can help you connect with top-tier talent to drive the success of your business. Our executive search services determine the ideal fit based on your unique goals and challenges and take a hands-on approach to fill leadership positions precisely and quickly.

    Male Executive
  • Receivership

    Columbia Hospitality has the unique skills and resources required to provide Receivership and associated services to lenders, servicers, and the court system. Our ultimate goal is to protect the integrity of the asset and our broad and varied experience allows us to step into difficult situations immediately to stabilize and improve hotel assets.

    We are known for our turnaround management and our success in transitioning financially troubled assets. Our solid expertise in this field provides our clients with efficient, cost effective and positive results. With our hotel industry specialization and experience, we provide the roles of both Receiver and Operations Management.

    WorldTradeCenterSeattle Exterior

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