Creating a Culture of Awareness, Security and Belonging

At the center of our continuing success is our culture and our 100 percent commitment to our people, as it is our team that makes all the difference in the world. Bold, diverse, brave, creative, caring, strong, empowered people, leading from within.

And when we say people, we mean everyone, period! We don’t judge anyone, and we are proud of that fact. We don’t take our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for granted as we know it drives this passion for our people, synced to our steadfast values: accountability, creativity, enthusiasm, honesty, inclusion, and respect.

We have systems in place to ensure that we are hiring the best of the best, never discriminating on any level. This includes our objectives and the goals we track (and keep us on track) ensuring we are always doing the right thing by every team member.

We continually share hiring and training best practices, raise awareness around minorities and disabilities, and spotlight the importance of unconscious bias, allowing everyone throughout our entire company to have an empowered voice and support our commitment to perpetuating a diverse and inclusive workplace. 

To us, this is the only way to do business (including working with minority-owned vendors) in a progressive manner, embracing individualism, empowering, mentoring, and perpetuating a level playing field for all.


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