Mike Hill

Regional Vice President

Mike has direct oversight and responsibility for the experience, operation, and results of a set of properties within the Columbia Hospitality portfolio. Additionally, he has responsibilities in the company’s Columbia Cares committee, Facilities Workgroup, and Sustainability Workgroup. Mike brings more than a decade of hotel experience to Columbia Hospitality, with a majority of his time in management roles at Kimpton Hotels in Seattle. Prior to his positions with Kimpton, Mike worked for a health and wellness organization overseeing guest and facility operations experience.

Originally from Minneapolis, Mike now lives in Seattle which has opened the gates for adventure, and he enjoys spending any of his free time outdoors. Mike loves to cycle (gravel, trail, or Peloton – any will do), camp, hike, and snowboard. Mike is a husband, father of two, seeks memorable experiences, loves a good joke or prank, and always has music on his mind.